Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fantasy Football

My 2012 team, the lone wolves

Monday, May 21, 2012

Media Mindlessness

Time I've got. It seems that with the schedule I keep and the Nazi like regime with which I dictate Lucy's sleep regimen I find myself binging on Netflix. I've found new shows like Luther or Eureka, which are all that is golden about tv. These two shows alone are worth the monthly fee. Honestly, if you haven't seen Luther...CHECK IT OUT! Or odd ball choices like Sophie's Revenge or Grave Encounters or The Marple miniseries. Re-watched the grand stand-byes like King of the Hill and Bones. Basically I'm well versed in the land of Netflix, and could be a tour guide at this point. So sad right?!
Still I have read some. Need to read more. I FINALLY got through the first Game of Thrones book. The hilarious part, it took me forever to read buy by the time I finished...DUDE I so want to read the next one! LoL I'm even ready to start watching the show, although I hear it's quite different I look forward to it since the casting seems spot on.
Also on the book front. I'm reeving up my nook and caving. I'll be starting the Hunger Games this week. Much as I have avoided it like the plague I highly enjoyed the movie and decided just because the masses like something doesn't mean I don't have to give it a whirl. Music reigns supreme here still. The record player is in heavy rotation these days. With great thanks to the terrific additions thanks to my local store and with the summer come the yard sales. My collection has blissfully grown with classics and new alike. It's wonderful. However, I feel that yearning to find something new. Something fresh. How long has it been since Jenny Lewis put out something? Granted not new entirely but new material from an old standby would do just as well. :) I thought for a moment a few of the radio friendly hit singles would be enough. But overall as much fun as Gotye, Fun.(ft Janelle Monae of course), Young the Giant, etc. are these tend to wear thin quickly. In the meantime, the classics will get me through thanks to the 'ol roundy round.
Is it just me or Instagram not just fabulous? Again I'm a late adopter but I've had a multitude of posts that never made their way here. Lets just say this app alone is worth the smartphone! :) And I love looking at other's photos as well as sharing the everyday adventures of mine.

Try not to sing along, I dare you!

As much as I would love to say, "boo Will Smith, that secret Scientologist should just go away," I can't. I dig him, even after all this time. He's charismatic, charming, and hilarious. So if it's all an act, keep it up. If not even better. I may not agree with him letting his kids barrel head first into showbiz, but can anyone listen to the theme song of Fresh Prince, Miami, etc. and not smile?!